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Monday - Friday

Please note that our availability is subject to your location. If your address falls within our service radius, we'll arrange a complimentary consultation and trial walk. This gives us a chance to get acquainted with you and your furry companion, ensuring that Barking Boots is the perfect fit for you both before we go ahead with any bookings!

What We Offer

Duration: 1 hour (not including pick-up and drop-off)

Max. 3 dogs per group

Our group walks are thoughtfully designed by our pet care professional, pairing a small number of dogs with complimentary play-styles and personalities to create a harmonious group. This service is an excellent way to ensure your dog gets both exercise and socialisation during their outing!


Duration: 30 minutes/1 hour (not including pick-up and drop-off)

Max. 1 dog

Solo walks offer exclusive one-on-one time with our pet care professional, perfect for dogs dealing with behavioural concerns or owners seeking consistent reinforcement of loose-lead walking and recall training. We are well-versed in various training techniques and are confident in applying positive methods during walks upon request, ensuring your dog receives personalised attention and care.


Duration: 30 mins

Max. 1 puppy

Puppies first steps specializes in guiding puppies aged 3 months and older through their crucial early development. Our tailored walks (ranging in duration based on age) focus on basic recall and loose-lead walking techniques; while the remaining time is spent on gentle desensitization to cars, dogs, bikes, people, wildlife and children. These first steps are perfect for fostering a confident and well-socialised adult dog.


Group walks: £10 per additional pet
Solo walk: £15 per additional pet

Frequently Asked Questions
Will my dog be taken off-lead?

​We equip dogs with 10-meter long lines, enabling them to move freely while ensuring their safety, dogs may only roam off-leash if they have strong recall training in place and signed consent from the owner.

Are there any breed restrictions?

Currently, we've implemented restrictions on extra-large breeds in walks due to limitations in vehicle capacity. This decision was made to prioritise the health and safety of our furry friends during transportation.

If I have two dogs, can they go on a solo walk together?

Yes, the only exception to our one-dog policy on solo walks are multi-dog households.

How does pick-up and drop-off work?

If you won't be available to open the door on the day, kindly provide us with a spare house key or lock-box code before the booking date. Additionally, please inform us of any instructions on where to leave your dog upon departure (e.g., in a crate or designated room). Your guidance helps us to ensure seamless care for your furry friend!

Will my dog be returned home muddy?

You can relax knowing that we're committed to using our portable pet washing gear to tidy up your dog as best we can after each walk, ensuring they're clean before returning to your home!

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